Why I Switched From A Paleo Diet

Before learning about Ketones and Ketosis, I was a fervent disciple of the Paleo movement. Part of the reason was, I’m just not a salad-without-dressing person. I like to eat meat. It tastes good! Protein works better than carbohydrates for me, because I literally do not have the time to snack on rabbit food throughout the day. And, combined with daily exercise, it DID help me shed a few extra pounds. I felt better after a meal, because I enjoyed it more.  I still felt guilty every time I so much as looked at ice cream or fried eggs.

ice cream sundaeBut, let’s be honest. The Paleo diet was the best diet that our Paleolithic ancestors could obtain. It was “popular” thousands and tens of thousands of years before we domesticated goats and camels, at a time when we couldn’t even live in the same house year-round, at a time when our average life expectancy was around 40 years or so.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die when I’m 40. I don’t spend my life following herds of caribou or reindeer, dressed in a loincloth, and presumably, some sort of leather bra.

It’s better than rabbit food, but we have milk and cheese and butter and guacamole now. You can’t seriously tell me that a diet of game meat and nuts and berries is going to cut it when we can go to the store and buy whatever we want. Personally, I prefer organic produce, and I don’t mind paying for it. It tastes better to me.

Maybe you don’t care. But we all love pancakes with syrup and hash browns and baked potatoes with butter and cheese on top. If you’re like me, and you tried Paleo, you still felt guilty looking at certain dishes, and still felt cheated when you couldn’t eat a nice piece of cake, because “I’m on a diet”. Ugh.

woman standing facing away with arms outstretchedThe fact is, that people like to eat tasty food. Meat is part of that. Fat is part of that. For our Paleolithic ancestors, intermittent fasting was also part of that. But, we don’t, we can’t fast like that in our modern lives, except on weekends, maybe, if we don’t have kids to look after. No, we need a diet that nourishes us and leaves us satisfied. A diet that leaves us feeling full, and happy. Anything else is a sort of torture that makes us feel miserable, that inevitably leads to cheating, and ultimately, failure.

Credit where credit is due, Paleo diets opened the door for products like ReActivate. We learned that meat was important, that protein gives us a steadier form of energy than carbohydrates do. We learned that intermittent fasting is good for us, because it induces ketosis, burning stored fat instead of constantly converting carbohydrates to sugar. I suppose, if we were all living as we did in the stone age, that the Paleo diet would be pretty alright. I also suppose that even if we were living as we did in the stone age, and knew how to make butter and cheese, we wouldn’t have much interest in the Paleo diet.

diskhes of cashews almonds walnutsIt doesn’t make us healthier by itself, it doesn’t help us live longer, and it doesn’t help us lose weight by itself. Calories in, calories out. Exercise. Why not actually enjoy to the fullest all of the tasty foods that we have access to? That’s what makes a Ketogenic diet better, you can finally eat what you want, AND lose weight.

You can bet that our ancestors would have been eating cheese and butter and guacamole with their meat and nuts and produce, if only they could.

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